This list is not complete and also other medications may interact with hydroxyzine. Tell your doctor about all drugs you utilize. This includes prescribed, non-prescription, vitamin, and organic products. Do not start a new medicine without informing your physician.

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Note: This web page includes details about the side impacts of hydroxyzine. Some of the dose types consisted of on this document may not put on the trademark name Atarax.

Not all negative effects for Atarax could be stated. You ought to consistently speak with a doctor or healthcare professional for medical recommendations. Negative side effects can be reported to the FDA below.

Nerves negative side effects have actually included modest to small drowsiness. This result is typically transitory as well as may go away with ongoing treatment or upon discontinuation of the agent. Headache, exhaustion, depression, uneasiness, sleeping disorders, and sedation have likewise been reported with hydroxyzine (the energetic component consisted of in Atarax) With higher than advised dosages of hydroxyzine, spontaneous electric motor task such as shake and also convulsions have actually been stated in uncommon circumstances. [Ref]

Intestinal adverse effects have actually consisted of completely dry mouth (most typical adverse effects), nausea, looseness of the bowels, abdominal pain, and raises in weight as well as hunger. [Ref]

Respiratory negative side effects have consisted of the thickening of bronchial secretions. Unusual events of pharyngitis, bronchospasm, as well as epistaxis have actually likewise been stated. [Ref]

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